• The men track their cars, follow them around and even tap their phones.

Maina Kageni
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Kenyan women have left radio king Maina Kageni in shock with their narrations of experiences dating insecure men.

For most of the women, the men track their every move.

Below are some of their narrations.

*Rose said, "Maina, I am married to such a man. I am taken to the supermarket and then taken back home.

He also takes me to the gym and waits for me the entire time then I am taken back home. Everywhere I go, lazima nichungwe, yet we have four kids. I do not work, I am a house wife."

*Stacy called in saying she is in the same situation the only difference is she loves it.

"For more than 10 years I have worked in the same office, we drive to the office every day. So I am with him 95% of the time. I cannot do without him and he cannot do without me, that woman should appreciate her man."

*Wairimu shared her experience saying she cannot even go to the washroom in peace.

"My husband and I work together and I am tired of how far things have gone. I am with him 24 hours a day.

Lakini nikiongea na mama mmoja tu hivi he calls me and wants to know what we are talking about.

When I go to the shops he complains that I have overstayed. Even when I go to the washroom he says I have overstayed. Nimechoka," She lamented.

*Njoki added, "I get spied on. My husband is a bodyguard, I used to have tantrums and report him to his family, but this didn't work.

So you leave him alone. I tried to take him for counselling, nothing worked. I gave up, he is never home, he never wants to spend time with me, so I just gave up and because I can’t have a sideman, I watch p0r*.

Nowadays I have a chick and we do our thing, coz he doesn't suspect a chick, he assumes we just visit each other and gossip."

Maina Kageni reacted to the story saying that was craziness of the highest order.

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