Jaque Maribe silent over Eric Omondi's 'childless' claims

Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi
Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi
Image: courtesy

Media personality Jacque Maribe is not ready to be entangled in Eric Omondi's hot mess and drama.

At least not this time.

Jacque is back on the headlines again after Eric Omondi went to Tanzania's biggest radio station and said he is Baba zero - as in he has no child that he knows of.

This happened after the last blow-up Jacque had with Eric that caused an online furor.

At the time Eric Omondi shared a post saying that he had told Jacque to get DNA so that he is sure that the child is his.

Jacque's savage response saw Eric simmer down on the accusations, she branded him a dead beat.

Later, the two were brought together by Bonfire Adventures CEO, Simon Kabu. They had closed-door discussions and settled their differences.

They released a joint press statement and a video.

The comedian then shared a statement that read, "We have met today courtesy of Kabus Simon. We have agreed that emotions were high, people were angry and we went overboard. We will solve our issues amicably and privately. Most importantly, we apologise for our very inappropriate, immature, and irresponsible outbursts."

Later Jacque took to social media to ask people to just let her be and leave her alone.

"This is the last statement I'll make about this never-ending story. I want to be left alone. We overreacted. We might have been overwhelmed. Each of us will own our truths. There's a child involved so let's respect him. I can't do this anymore. Tuwache tu."

But still Eric Omondi went and messed up that peace treaty really good.

He was on Wasafi FM where he said, "I tried to get a wife from my show 'Wife Material' but I failed. I am turning 40 years old, sina mtu, sina mtoto, sina bibi."

Jacque has maintained radio silence over the recent shenanigans. Eric is promoting a comedy show in Tanzania at the moment.

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