Esther Passaris remembers late dad in an emotional post

She shared a photo of herself in the ocean.

• Esther Passaris' dad passed away in January this year.

Esther Passaris
Esther Passaris
Image: courtesy

Esther Passaris is paying tribute to her late dad who passed away in January this year.

The Nairobi women rep remembered her dad in an emotional post where she shared a photo of herself in the ocean seemingly spreadig her dad's ashes. 

"Papou, I cannot turn the clock and will never get the answers I seek; as you traverse the high seas, know that I will forever be your baby girl," she wrote.

While announcing his demise in January, she described her 79-year-old father as a loving husband, an incredible dad and a doting Papou (grandfather).

"A part of me has died today. The heavens opened and ended my father's suffering," she wrote.

"A naval architect by profession, my dad achieved a lot in his 79 years. From building the first ship in Kenya, the MV Mwewe, to coaching and mentoring the young men of Ngome Football Club in Mombasa."

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