Big Ted reminisces on an incident he and Jeff Koinage were almost robbed

• Ted says when danger arises we all forget who we are and 'adjust' to the situation at hand.

Jeff Koinange
Image: jase.mwangi

Thomas Kwaka alias Big Ted has shared an incident in which he and Jeff Koinange were almost robbed.

The State House Director of Brand Strategy and Events says the incident made him realize that Jeff had a different talent.

Sharing his experience during an interview with DR. King'ori, Ted shared

"We were walking on Yaya with Jeff Koinange when some boys came out of nowhere.

Jeff ran, there was no 'Ooh my God' he ran. That day is when I knew kumbe he has a soprano.

I learned that people have a voice they use for a job and on their everyday events."

Curious netizens would like to hear Koinange's side of the story.

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