Abel Mutua went in-depth about his marriage to Judy

Abel Mutua with Judy Nyawira
Image: Courtesy

Abel Mutua recently spoke to SPM Buzz, giving an in-depth thesis on how to do marriage.

The talented actor and director who has been married to Judy Nyawira for 7 years said that he and his wife have a very free marriage which is also full of trust.

"Number one, The level of trust in the marriage is insane. Judy knows that the way we have planned ourselves is just good. Number 2 and I know that I might be lampooned for this opinion. The idea that because we are married, 'These are the rules'. The moment you start putting those things in marriage. To me, it doesn't make any sense."

He then explained that he and Judy were very extroverted, saying,

"Naturally, we are very social beings. Also, there is no way you will convince me that I can keep her entertained for the rest of her life. ti, I will be very hilarious for the rest of our lives. Even Kevin Hart doesn't do that...If I feel I have done enough, I feel that she has her friends who can also give her a good time. She can go and recharge with her friends, something I will also do with my friends."

The father of one noted that he had seen what pressure could do in a marriage and used his parents as an example, saying,

"Marriage isn't rocket science, no one has been put on this world to suffer. Those strict ( with many pressures) marriages took a toll on my parents, something that I could see in them. I could see all the things that used to stress my mom. Now that I am grown I ask myself whether they were necessary?"

His advice was for people was to work on themselves even when they are in relationships. He finished off by saying,

"Protect your peace of mind by any means necessary. Usikubali anything to steal your peace of mind. Be it your hubby or even your kid. Those people have their own lives. Someone came and lied to us that our whole life can be pegged on one individual. That is our secret but there is no perfect marriage."

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