Why I wanted a divorce from Chiki - Bien opens up

Bien and his wife Chiki
Image: Instagram

Sauti Sol lead singer Bien Aime Baraza has for the first time opened up about how hard marriage is, if you are not intentional.

Speaking in a recent interview, Bien revealed that months into the marriage to  wife, Chiki Omwukwe, he almost called it quits.

“My wife and I have been married for two years now, we got married a week before the pandemic started. When you get married, nobody gives you the tools, people are happy for you. For a long time in my life, I only looked at my wife as a love interest romantically and then the pandemic happened."

Adding, "Being in the house all day with my chick every day, amazing as she is, it was driving me nuts. The small things became the big things and 8 months in, I was like I want a divorce, this is too much."

Bien with Chiki Kuruka
Bien with Chiki Kuruka
Image: Courtesy

To save his marriage, he sought the services of a marriage counsellor.

"I started going for counselling and I was like men I don't wanna be married. I didn't realise that when we were dating, I was just travelling. I would come back for two weeks and I was all lovey dovey, then my house was empty for a whole year and I was like babe move into my house instead of paying rent."

He added that when Chiki started managing him, he became more in love with her, "The true colours started to show from me and we went through a rough patch and we somehow managed to figure it out.

It's moments like this that make you grow. In my journey of Alone Together, my wife has been my manager, she is amazing at managing me and it totally flipped and made me even love her anymore."

That is why Bien warmed the hearts of his fans with a sweet message to his wife, Chiki. 

In a competition that Bien is partaking in, he nominated Chiki as 'the person who has impacted his life in the most extraordinary yet unexpected way.'

Bien gave his wife credit for spearheading his music career, loving him, and understanding him.

"She has been the cornerstone of my music career, So loving, assuring, generous, patient, and much more. She deserves the world and more, I pray for abundance and all the good things money can't buy. #Love with a difference, #Love more," he wrote.

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