Jalang'o apologised-Arrowbwoy confesses

• Jalang'o had earlier insisted he wouldn't apologize.

Image: Instagram

Arrow Bwoy has in an interview said radio presenter Jalang'o crossed boundaries when he 'announced' that Nadia was pregnant with child.

Speaking during an interview on Radio Maisha, he said that he had made up with Jalang'o after he apologized.

'Jalas is a friend, someone who has supported me from day 1. We still talk but he crossed his boundaries at that time. He apologized and said sorry for what he did. I don't like keeping grudges nor do I burn bridges.'

Jalang'o had during the Morning Kiss show asked Nadia to stop hiding her alleged baby bump by wearing baggy clothes.

The couple called him out but he still insisted that he was sure of what he was talking about adding that if aliropokwa he would continue doing so.

"I just want to focus on my own love, I do not know if he is mad or not. To Nadia and Arrow Bwoy if nilikuwa nimeropoka nitaropokwa tena.

I am not sorry."

Big up to Jalang'o for apologising, even if it was in private.

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