• Zari in a live interview confirmed to have undergone plastic surgery.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz
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All of Diamond Platnumz's baby mamas have opted to change their bodies and sculped them into perfection.

Zari Hassan showed off her new hot body after her fellow baby mamas, Hamisa Mobetto and Tanasha Donna upgraded theirs.

During her visit to Tanzania in November 2020, Zari had gained so much weight due to the pandemic lockdowns.

responding to her trolls, Zari said she was enjoying the lockdown and had given up on working out.

However, after seeing her co-baby mamas ganging up and upgrading their bodies, the 41-year hit the gym.

Zari in a live interview confirmed to have undergone plastic surgery.

Zari Hassan shows off her curves
Zari Hassan shows off her curves

She came out guns blazing defending her newly sculpted body saying surgery is a normal thing that people are doing daily.

"You do not have work to do, you keep writing about me in the newspapers," she said responding to a Tanzanian blogger.


In August last year, Tanasha underwent cosmetic surgery to enlarge her hips and behind as she stormed Nigeria to spend quality time with her new 'bae', Omah Lay and while making her debut in acting.

In 2019, she said that her body's shape gives her a lot of insecurities.

"Actually, I am thinking of getting a surgery done next year, but not silicon, am gonna do a fats transfer. Am gonna be quite open about it you know.

But then, yeah at the end of the day I believe what's important is who you are deep down and who you are inside.

There is this stuff I don't like about myself, this so much stuff. I don't like my body, I don't like my butt, I don't have a butt."

In 2021, Tanasha was called out for allegedly failing to pay for the cosmetic surgery.

Hamisa Mobetto
Image: Instagram

Hamisa Mobetto has also invested millions in cosmetic surgery to lift her behind.

She said in an interview that "it’s not a big deal".

"Everybody does that, ma celebrities in America wanafanya kwa hiyo it’s the same case siku ikitokea nimefanya definitely I will tell you."

Most of her recent photos have proven her behind is artificial.

Wema Sepetu after her surgery
Wema Sepetu after her surgery

Former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu a while ago said she wanted an English figure.

She said she starved herself for months to lose weight.

In 2021 a Kenyan weight loss Company put up a video documenting Wema Sepetu's weight loss journey, revealing she underwent a mini gastric bypass surgery back in 2018, after signing up with them as a Brand Ambassador.

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