• Azziad said prayers helped her overcome social media pressure.

Azziad during the interview
Image: Courtesy

Tiktok sensation Azziad says she almost fell into depression due to social media bullying.

Speaking during the signing of her new deal with Bic on Tuesday, Azziad said prayers helped her overcome.

Azziad rose to fame in 2020 after a TikTok video of her dancing to Femi One and Mejja’s hit song ‘Utawezana’.

"It was hard in the beginning because of all the bullying, if you remember for like two to three months, I almost fell into depression but then I was with people who love and care about me and they just helped me to tap out of it."

She added;

"I also pray a lot and I believe God cannot give you what you cannot handle and if God says it’s Azziad then it’s going to be Azziad. So I realized God chose me, He decided that the light is going to shine on me so I’m going to go with it."

Azziad was nominated for the global E! People's Choice Awards last year and emerged second with Zimbabwean comedian and content creator Tyra Chikocho, aka Madam Boss, winning the African Social Star of 2021.

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