• 'When I got to the airport I did not even have an ATM card or any cash on me.'- Jaguar

Starehe MP Jagua
Starehe MP Jagua
Image: Courtesy

Starehe Member of Parliament, Jaguar, has narrated how he was deported from the US after being there for only six months.

Speaking during an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva, he said,

'I went the first time and I was deported. I got an invitation from a relative. When I got to the airport I didn't even have an ATM card or any cash on me.

So the security people turned me back, they were curious about how I would survive in case my relative never showed up.

I did not give up I went back to the Embassy and told them that I wanted to go and promote my music.'

Jaguar says being a foreign land humbled him and strengthened him at the same time. 

'When I got there I was shocked to realize that people did not know who I was. So I started sweeping and working in a store, it was like working kwa Muhindi here in Kenya.

I used to work 18 hours, I was being paid 10$ per hour. That is where I got my first million.'

Jaguar says it's then that he decided to invest the cash

'I started a taxi business. I opened a garage, I also  became serious about producing music.'

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