My wife loves when I get female attention-Jimmie Kajim

• 'I really invested in friendship with my wife.' - Kajim

MC Jimmie Kajim with his wife Silvana Wambui
MC Jimmie Kajim with his wife Silvana Wambui
Image: courtesy

Kajim says he has learned how to handle female fans who might jeopardize his marriage.

The laid-back presenter says having a strong friendship with his wife, Wambui, has made their marriage strong.

The fact that he also takes her to some of the events makes things easier.

This he shared during an interview with Ala C.

'I really invested in friendship with my wife. Even during most of my events am usually with my wife. She understands where I am and what work I do.

It depends on how I will control these things (fans attention). Some fans will touch you some will even kiss you, what matters is how you handle it.

She (wife) also loves it when I get attention, it means she did not get married to an ugly husband.'

Kajim and  Wambui held a glamorous wedding ceremony on May 1 2021 at Sports view Hotel Kasarani.

The two had earlier held their traditional wedding in mid-March that year.

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