The Marini Naturals founder opened up about the cheating ordeal she had gone through

Mitchelle Ntalami
Image: Courtesy: Ntalami/Instagram

Michelle Ntalami broke the internet a few months ago when she revealed that a  lover she was dating had cheated on her with several other women.

Learning of her ex-partner's duplicitous behaviour had been a tough nut to swallow but it seems that time is healing all her wounds.

She disclosed this in a recent interview on her Instagram page when she participated in a QnA with her fans and followers.

What was interesting about her conversation was the maturity that Michelle displayed. She explained that she was still healing and had moved on.

Michelle Ntalami response 1
Image: Courtesy
Michelle Ntalami response 2
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The Marini Naturals founder was also asked whether she knew her ex-partner had moved on? She said that she didn't know that fact but that she was still happy for that person.

She reiterated that she was 'hurting' as much as before and that it would take some time before she really healed.

Michelle Ntalami response 3
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One upside about Michelle's story was that it had motivated some of her fans and followers to leave toxic relationships, something one of her fans was quick to mention.

Michelle Ntalami response 4
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