• Bien said he reached the decision after a deep introspection. 

Bien Aime Barasa at Sol Fest
Bien Aime Barasa at Sol Fest

The new year has come with new things for Sauti Sol Singer Bien Baraza. 

The singer has vowed to quit some of his old habits and work towards becoming a new person. 

In a social media post, Bien said he reached the decision after deep introspection. 

He vowed to also go slow on the internet, which he terms as a toxic place. 

Bien wrote;

"So after a long hard look in the mirror, I have decided to change my ways. The internet is a very toxic place and I just want to take a step back. There are a lot of habits that I picked up along the way that I am leaving behind this year. I just wanna reset and rewind. Thank you."

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The change, he said, would start on January 26. 

"Time to reset and rewind.From this day onwards, I am a changed man.I am even considering quitting jaba It won't be easy but the lord is with me."

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