Mulamwah's ex Sonnie on why she never wanted a natural delivery

• That made me say I would never give birth again.'

Comedian Mulamwah, Sonnie and their daughter
Image: Instagram

Mulamwah's baby mama Carrol Sonie has revealed she had wanted to give birth through CS for fear of giving birth naturally.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Sonie says the doctor turned down her request

"I had opted for CS as I was scared of giving birth naturally but the doctor turned down the request asking if I was crazy.

My labor pains were not so serious. I wanted a boy so badly I was obsessed with that idea. Having the nurses insert their fingers on you to check for dilation is so uncomfortable.

I wish there was another way to measure how close the baby is. That made me say I would never give birth again."

Sonie is a mother of one, a daughter who is less than a year old.

Vera is also among celebrities who had a successful optional CS birth. One of the reasons she gave is that she was afraid of the pain involved in natural birth.

She is currently living with her daughter after she parted ways with her baby daddy Kendrick Mulamwah.

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