• 'I have my own channel. So it's not about my talent running dry.' - Jalango

Kamene Goro and Jalas
Image: File

Jalango has asked Kenyans to stop assuming he is vying for a political seat because he is 'famous.'

The ex-Morning Kiss host says although he is famous, his main goal is to bring change in Langata adding that being famous is just an added advantage.

Speaking during an interview on NTV, he said, "Yes, my name is an advantage, I don't have to introduce myself everywhere when I go to the ground, they already know me so I'm an 'A' student who wants to hustle this position like a 'D' student."

He continued, "I am coming to the ground as Felix. If you are competing with me and you have to introduce yourself then I will be a few meters ahead of you, so the name helps."

On whether he joined politics because his talent has run dry, Jalango responded, "I host one of the biggest morning shows, I have my own channel. So it's not about my talent running dry. I just want to make a change for the people."

Jalango will be vying for the Member of parliament seat in the Langata constituency.

Speaking during a past interview on Kiss FM, Jalango said the plan to join politics was born 6 years ago.

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