Khaligraph called out Milele FM presenter after personal question

Khaligraph Jones is one the most straightforward celebrities we face as media. The burly rapper is not one for the jokes and reminded everyone of that fact in a recent interview with Milele's Ankali Ray.

The 'Mazishi' rapper caused a crime scene after bodying the Milele presenter after he had asked a question about whether claims that he was a deadbeat were true?

Khaligraph shut down the question and told the presenter to be relevant in his work with the musician hanging up on him abruptly.  

'Itisha ma interview za maana na uache maswali za kifala buda. Umeskia!' Khaligraph baraked. 

This isn't the first time that Ankali is having an on-air firestorm with a celeb. In the past, he has had fights with Vera Sidika, Octopizzo, and even Arrow Boy.

But one can understand Khaligrph's frustration. His former girlfriend, Cashy Karimi has accused him of being a deadbeat in the past, saying that the muscled rapper doesn't want to support their child.

Anyone who knows Mr. Omollo knows that this issue is a non-starter for the musician whose song 'Sifu Bwana' is currently dominating the charts. 

Clearly, Ankali doesn't mind the storm his pointed questions might inspire. 

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