Singer Stivo Simple Boy's girlfriend Pritty Vishy has narrated how she met and fell in love with the star.

Their ghetto love kicked off when they meet at a recreation centre in Kibra, Pritty was there for an acting gig while Simple Boy was there to record his music.

"We meet in 2017 in where he was recording his music, we started dating in 2019. A day after he went viral, was the actual day he gathered the courage to approach me."

She continued, "That day I was just scrolling through my phone and I saw people talking about his song, Vijana Tuwache Mihadarati. I was like, isn't this Simple Boy's song, why are people using it as memes? I did not know at the time that he had gone viral."

Pritty said that her neighbours in Kibra knew Simple Boy held a flame for her.

"So when I left the house and people were making fun of me saying I lost the chance to be his girlfriend, they said, 'See now he is trending!' Some even said, now he will start hanging out with other chics, hot slay queens."

But the love story doesn't end there. Pritty explained, "When I got back to the house, I heard a knock and there he was, he proposed to me, asking that I be his gal and that is where our story began. We had a good bond because we were already friends."

Asked about her most memorable sate with Simple Boy was, Pritty said, "We went and ate pilau, I loved it but he needs to do better, I'm a baby gyal."

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