• Starehe MP said although he is an artiste, he is working for Starehe people and not them.

Starehe MP Jagua
Starehe MP Jagua
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Musician cum politician Charles Jaguar has asked musicians to stop looking for him when they are broke.

Speaking to Mseto East Africa, the Starehe MP said although he is an artiste, he is working for Starehe people and not them.

"I am an artist but I did not go to ask for votes as a musician, I was not elected by musicians neither am I their representative in parliament," he said.

"I was voted by Starehe people and they are the people I represent. There is a promise I gave Starehe people and I have to fulfil it."

Jaguar said the mentality that he should help artiste is wrong.

"I don't know where artists got the mentality that they have to be helped," he said.

"Some no longer take music as a business, they don't even know what they are supposed to do. They misuse their money and when they mess they start saying Jaguar is not helping artistes."

He encouraged them to invest their money wisely.

"I want to tell them this, I was making over one million and I know there are artists I was with and they would make over one million."

"If you are not investing the money you get from your music, your work is only living large, and driving expensive cars, just know music is like any other business."

Jaguar said he supports comedian Eric Omondi's agenda in his bid to push for 75 per cent airplay of local content on Kenyan media. However, he said there is no such content from the Kenyan artistes.

"If you look at what Eric brought in parliament, it is something that is already in the law and I remember mobilising artists to go to CAK sometimes back, but they did not show up," he said.

"I got tired since I am in politics and I am busy. We want our content to be played 75% but hate me or like me, our artistes have not given us that percentage to be played."

Jaguar explained that not all songs can be played by the media as they play what the listeners want.

"The same musicians don't attend meetings with CAK and the media," he said.

"Give good content and you will be given good recognition."

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