Kabi Wa Jesus spent 'millions' on second pregnancy reveal surprise

The wa Jesus Family
The wa Jesus Family
Image: courtesy

The Wa Jesus Family spent over one million to unveil their second pregnancy.

Speaking to content creators on Tuesday, the couple Kabi and Milly said they kept the pregnancy news under wrap for over 7 months.

"I feel nine months pregnant already. We are almost there. I didn't know we are doing the announcement but I couldn't hide it any more," Milly said adding that she enjoyed the private journey.

On his side Kabi said they have not gone for a vacation since they did not the news to blow out before they did the surprise on their YouTube page.

"She is becoming angry and moody very fast and I was trying to figure out something that would not stress her on announcing."

Kabi and Milly unveiled the pregnancy by putting their family portrait on a huge billboard with a message that their family was growing.

Milly said she was afraid it was a prank by her husband.

"When I saw the team, I realized it was not a prank."

Asked about how much he spent, Kabi said with the help of the companies he works with, he spent over a million.

"We have spent more than 1.2 million on the surprise. We are planning to put like 10 billboards across Kenya."

The couple said the billboard will be there for two months.

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