How the special forces choose a snipper

• "There is no second guessing stuff because if you do a rescue, it doesn't come easily." -Byron Adera

Image: Photos For Class

Byron Adera, an ex-Special forces soldier has shared how the disciplined forces choose who will become a sniper.

Adera says such a job is not given to just anyone. Sharing his expertise on The Wicked Edition the sleuth narrated

"The training is very painful. They say lessons trained in pain are never forgotten. You must work as a team and you have to be in sync with each other.

A sniper might also be hunted by another sniper so they must not announce their presence. What the movies show you are a tone down of the whole thing. The calculations have to be spot on.

There is no second-guessing stuff because if you do a rescue, it doesn't come easily. The training period is short but you learn so much and you have to take it all in. You need someone who is controlled."

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