Controversial video vixen, Manzi Was Kibera, has opened up on her feelings for YouTube star, Mungai Eve. 

During an interview with Nicholas Kioko, the socialite said that Mungai Eve was a good person and that despite all that was going on between them, they are still good friends.

She also praised Mungai for being the person who had given her the platform, a fact that she appreciated adding that she has since been received very well by her fans.

But that wasn't all. Manzi wa Kibera said that she would not speak on what had gone on between the two as it would destroy the brand that Mungai had worked so hard to build.

This comes a week after Mungai Eve went on a rant about Manzi wa Kibera saying that she was trying to take her down.

Mungai who is now one of the biggest things on YouTube asked Manzi wa Kibera to be honest and come clean on what had happened between them.

What is the real story between the two and will they ever reveal it? Only time will tell. 

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