Former Milele FM radio presenter, Nzula Makosi, has come out to reveal how she was able to keep her curvaceous physique after having gotten 3 children via Caesarian Section.

In a video that she posted on her Instagram page, Nzula revealed that the secret to her having a curvaceous body (broad hips, tiny waist, and a round behind) was using a corset.

Nzula who worked on Milele FM drive alongside Captain Otoyo for many years has recently been making a radio comeback.

Nzula explained to her fans that she would be hosting an online show on her Facebook page, which she says she had been cooking for some time.

She told fans that she was supposed to start the online show last year then she got pregnant and very sick but now she is ready.

She had left Milele before taking a break and joining Switch TV where she did the evening show, Chatspot alongside Kush Tracey and Joyce Maina.

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