Musician L-Jay Maasai has been away from the media spotlight for the past few years. In fact, he has gone to ground with many wondering what had happened to him?

The 'Ukitafuta' singer recently opened up on the struggles he is going through a few days ago noting that he had been struggling with depression.

"I have really struggled to nurse myself through a long period of DEPRESSION and confusion over my life and career. Yes, depression is real, and I am not going to be afraid to say or talk about it because I've almost lost my life," he started on Facebook.

He went on to say that he had been having suicidal thoughts and revealed that he had also lost many friends during this period.

He explained that he had also lost two great relationships, and had even become rebellious to his own mother.

L-Jay went on to say that his spiral had also affected his work-life causing him to lose his label and fall-out with fellow artistes.

He said things got so bad that he had to hide from landlords and became a house-hopper. That wasn't all, when Corona hit he had to ground his car as he didn't have the money to maintain it.

But the musician hasn't given up yet, saying that he would still be going strong as he tries to make a comeback bid, musically.

The former gospel musician explained that he was still trusting in God and that any help he could get from good samaritans would be welcome.

He then finished by thanking all the people who had supported him through the tough period he had gone through.

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