• ‘I am currently not in a relationship but kuna mtu mahali ananipea butterflies…’- Brenda Jons

Ntalami and Brenda Jons
Image: Instagram

Kenya Youtuber, Brenda Jons, has revealed she is still single. She however says there is someone she is eyeing.

This she revealed during a Q and A segment with her fans

‘Are you in a relationship?’ A fan posed.

Brenda answered;

‘I am currently not in a relationship but kuna mtu mahali ananipea butterflies…’

In another closely-related question, one fan asked whether that crush was Marini Naturals CEO, Michelle Ntalami. 

 ‘Do you have a crush on Michelle Ntalami?’

Brenda tagged Michelle and responded by saying,

‘Michelle Ntalami is my babe, that’s all you need to know…do you hear saying she loves me, yeah I love her too…’ before adding love emojis.

A third person was not done with curiosity about her relationship status asking, ‘Are you in a relationship?’

Using the LGBTQ flag, Brenda responded by saying, ‘No, I’m currently single. Honestly, I’m finding myself and learning to love myself even more and preparing for what the future holds for me.’

Captioning, ‘I am made for love’

Michelle Ntalami is also single at the moment after breaking up with another popular female celeb.

Let's wait and see if Ntalami will respond and Brenda aendelee kubaki single.