Sports-prenuers Kassim Ismaily
Sports-prenuers Kassim Ismaily
Image: courtesy

Sports-prenuers, Kassim Ismaily and George Ouma, of Greensport Africa, have encouraged Kenyan celebs to use their influence for impact if they want to score big branding deals.

Fresh from an African tour to push a vaccination campaign in conjunction with the MasterCard foundation the pair have attributed their success to hard work and strategic branding.

“We were picked for this because our partners felt they can trust us with their brand,” Kassim said.

"It's important for celebrities to build bankable brands, clout chasing can cost you a lot more than you think.”

The campaign dubbed, 'It’s Up To Us' covered Nigeria, Rwanda, and Tanzania using their sports network and background to encourage their fans to ‘take the shot'.

The perception change campaign aims to counter the myths that surround the vaccination encouraging people to make scientific decisions when it comes to their health.

“It’s been really great seeing how sports can be used to promote community health, we should never limit ourselves. Don’t see yourself as just a comedian, or just an artiste, or just a football player, your voice counts you be the change you wish to see in society.” George explained.

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