Betty Kyallo is in the news this week. The reason? The end of her latest high-profile relationship, something that has become a topic of conversation among many Kenyans.

Even one of her male friend's bemoaned the fact that Betty was really bad at relationships. In a video shared on her Instagram stories the man can be heard telling the mother of one, "You got the looks, you got the money but relationship imekataa, Relationship Imekataa hata ujaribu aje."

That statement was an indictment of Betty's love life over the years and got me thinking. Why not remind fans of all the men the bubbly personality has been romantically linked with in the past.

Let's begin;

1. Lenana Kariba

This was most likely her first high-profile relationship, one that the two media personalities kept close to the chest during its entire length.

People only found about the dalliance after they had broken up.

Betty Kyallo with Lenana Kariba
Image: Courtesy

2. Dennis Okari

The two got married in October 2015 and the only notable blessing that came from that marriage was a cute baby girl called Ivanna.

Sadly the marriage that started with all the pomp and aplomb only a Disney fairy tale could muster, ended 6 months later.

Dennis Okari with Betty Kyallo on their wedding day
Image: Courtesy

The cause of the demise of their marriage would later be attributed to a certain flamboyant governor who was allegedly having an affair with Betty. 

3. Flamboyant Governor

It is claimed that the governor's tentacles were so deep in Betty that he even paid for her honeymoon with Okari! 

Yep, you read that right. But her relationship with the governor also ended ignominiously with the politician allegedly dumping the former TV anchor like a piece of used tissue.

This was after she had been gifted an apartment to live in, a BMW X6, a Porsche Cayenne, and a huge monthly stipend. A source told the Nairobian in a past interview;

β€œThe governor took his house and the BMW. The Porsche Cayenne was repossessed from Betty when she was behind the wheels on Mombasa Road. She was forced to park off the road near Nyayo Stadium and pick her stuff before the governor's security detail seized it.” 

4. Betty's Somali man

After that crazy relationship, Betty's love life resembled the Sahara desert with the beauty taking a break from dating for close to 3 years.

In 2020, the former TV anchor was spotted with a mysterious Somali man, nicknamed, 'Somali Bae'.

Betty Kyallo with the mysterious Somali man
Image: Courtesy

While their relationship was well-publicised, it was short-lived with the only evidence of their being together a grainy photo of the two in Naivasha. Other than that, it felt like a fling.

5. Nick Ndeda

This was her latest relationship to end in tears. This after the two started dating in August last year, a few weeks after Edgar Obare had first teased that they were together.

Nick spoke of the demise of their relationship in an exclusive interview with Mpasho this week, saying that the two would remain friends.

Betty Kyallo with Nick Ndeda
Image: Courtesy

He said, "We've enjoyed a fantastic relationship and we are figuring things out. We are still good friends."

From us at Mpasho, we all wish Betty better luck in her love life, going forward.

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