Edday Nderitu with Julie Kabogo.
Edday Nderitu with Julie Kabogo.
Image: courtesy

Edday Nderitu, the wife of Mugiithi singer had a heated exchange of words with her fans last night. This was after she publicly revealed her candidate for the Nairobi senatorial seat.

Edday declared she'll be supporting her best friend who is running for the same Nairobi senatorial seat as Karen Nyamu in the August election.

The mother of two shared a photo with her friend Julie Kabogo and revealed that she was her preferred candidate for the seat.

"My senator(Nairobi senator 2022)❤️#chamachakazi #mbokanadoo #bossma," she wrote.

Well, her post attracted a lot of mixed reactions from her fans with many seeking to know why she isn't supporting her 'co-wife' Karen Nyamu?

However, one comment from her follower Conso Warema irked her as the fan said she should support Karen so she can feed their family.

"Why don't you support Karen Nyamu mukule poa hadi Hubby?

This didn't go down well with Edday writing back, "Alikwambia tunakulanga kwake?"

Check out other comments from her fans;

susankarimi7: You have the right to support whoever you want. if anyone is unhappy about it aende akapost mwenye ana support Kwa wall yake alaa, Sisi goat wives 🐐 hatupakwi Mashuru alaa this is 2022.

wambomacharia: Damn! I love Edith 🙌 ndo huyu senator wetu kanairo. Where you go I follow you ooh.

chegemorryne: Sisi kama second wives with respect we support you ...Kaba kabogo.

ve_moraa12: Kama edith amesema huyu basi tunachagua huyu sindio @edday_nderitu

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