Rapper Fena Gitu is angry with Kenyans who refer to her as Femi One or can't differentiate her from Femi One.

In a Tweet, the 'Fenamenal Woman' hitmaker said only lazy people who still don't know her exact names.

"If you're still calling me 'Femi' in 2022, you're lazy, and I don't care for it. Or Fena Guti. Get my name right or don't address me, period," she wrote.

Fena Gitu is arguably one of the biggest and most creative Kenyan artistes. She is also very bold in matters concerning who an individual should fall in love with.

In a past interview, she responded to haters who questioned her sexuality telling them it was none of their business.

"I’m just single and out here but I’m focusing on my work. As for my sexuality, it’s no one’s business. It’s no one’s business what you’re doing in your home and I don’t wanna feed that, I’m here because I’m a musician first."

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