Huddah Monroe has been back in the country for the past two weeks. The socialite has made sure every Tom Dick and Harry knows what she is thinking by using her very big Instagram megaphone.

One of her most recent statements is to complain about Kenyan men. Alhudah who isn't afraid to issue a controversial statement mourned about the poor servings available as far as Kenyan men go.

The reason for that she said was that no Kenyan man was her type. "I need to take it all in! Maybe a d*ck would do lol. But here the c*ck starvation is upon me cause nobody has been my type!!! And my manz in Europe snowballing."

Some netizens called out the enterprising businesswoman for her sentiments noting that she used to date Kenyan men before she gentrified her appearance.

Let's not forget that there are photos of the socialite with the likes of Eric Omondi and Prezzo just to name a few, that hint at a closer relationship than being just friends.

In another rant, the light-skinned lady went on to complain about the length of time it takes one to acclimatise to being back to Kenya.

"After two years of not being in Kenya, I still feel weird lol! And its been 10 days! I can't imagine people who have been away for 5-10 years. You feel like an outsider. No wonder Kenyans from the diaspora go back fast."

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