KRG the Don isn't letting up on Edgar Obare. The wealthy rapper has again attacked the controversial blogger during an interview with SPM Buzz.

Edgar Obare
Image: Courtesy

KRG had been asked about his beef with Edgar and was quick to pile on him, derisively calling the Tea Master was a 'woman'.

"Sina kitu yoyote kuhusu huyo mtu. Ule mtu ni mama tu. Ni vile tu havaangi skirt. Edgar Obare wewe in mama kabisa! Na mimi nitakununulia kitenge, maanake ile Ksh 5 million nilikupatia ulikata kuchukua, uliogopa." (I have nothing to say about that person. That person is just a woman. It's just that he doesn't wear a skirt. Edgar Obare you are totally a woman! And I will buy you a kitenge, as you refused to come for the Ksh 5 million I offered you as you were afraid)

He added that men who gossip should be made for dresses, implying that it was female behaviour. He also called former radio presenter Andrew Kibe saying that he would also buy him a dera.

"Kama kuna mtu unaweza kutuma kwa sababu huwezi kutuma address yako, nitakushonea kitenge mmoja safi kabisa hadi mask ya kitenge muvae na wamama wenzako mkitudakua wanaume kama sisi ambaye tunajipambana na maisha yetu. Tunangangana kila siku tunaamka tunafanya vitu zetu. Tutanunua vitenge nzuri, wewe, Kibe, na kila mtu hana kazi, kazi yake ni kuongelea wanaume wenzake. Tutawanunulia hadi dera." (If there is someone you can send for the kitenge, because you won't send your address so that you can wear with your fellow women as you gossip men who are living. I will buy great vitenge's for you, Kibe and everybody who doesn't have any work to do. We will even buy deras)

Edgar has been in KRG's crosshairs ever since he made the popular 'wash wash' expose that he released in August last year.

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