Socialite Huddah Monroe wrote yesterday that no Kenyan men were her type. In a post on her Insta stories, she wrote;

"I need to take it all in! Maybe a d*ck would do lol. But here the c*ck starvation is upon me cause nobody has been my type!!! And my manz in Europe snowballing."

A few hours later, controversial singer KRG The Don said he is a friend of the socialite although she cannot be his woman.

KRG was asked to mention celeb women he would date, among those mentioned to him were Amber Ray and Huddah. He said Amber is taken while Huddah is thin.

"Huddah and I cannot be a couple since she is thin. She is just a friend. She has her preference also. I have money but we can't live together."

KRG was then asked to comment about Huddah's willingness to ‘sell her womb’ for a whopping total of $1,000,000, the equivalent of over Ksh 100M. KRG responded,

"It's a good idea. She has never gotten pregnant for any man and she has her value. For me, I have four kids already so I don't have to pay millions to get another baby. If I had no baby, I would have paid but I don't want more kids."

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