• "I am very principled, I do not believe in breaking up to make up, "- Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro and Jalas
Image: File

Jalango says he lost so many relationships back in the day as he was busy trying to 'make it' hence he was not giving the relationships time to flourish.

The Morning Kiss host was sharing his story with Kamene after it emerged DJ Kalonje had broken up with his girlfriend yet again.

"When I was dating, sometime she (then girlfriend) would break up with me and I would realize it only 3 weeks later.

I would realize haiya she does not call or text anymore." Jalango narrated.

He added, "Relationships were never a priority, I would even forget I had a girlfriend. In the pursuit of getting to where I wanted to be, I lost so many relationships.

How many times can your makeup and break up with a person?"

Kamene says she does not believe in making up after a breakup.

"If you are breaking up with me now, just know that there is no turning back.

I am very principled, I do not believe in breaking into makeup, there must be something that made you break up and it's still there."

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