•"Do you not have a manager who can tell you touch this ,hii wachana nayo?" -Jalango

Samakin Lesingiran, Jonah Saluni Tuuko, James Owino Opere and Mohammed Muhammud Wako alias Hussein Mohammed
Image: Douglas Okiddy

Kamene Goro and her Co-host Jalango have advised cons and land grabbers to be researching before they strike.

The Morning Kiss duo was responding to a story in which four people are accused of trying to grab land belonging to the President's family.

"Ata kama ni audacity ama madharau, how do land grabbers work?

Do you not have a manager who can tell you touch this, hii wachana nayo?"

Kamene reacted by saying, "Don't you do research and development? If you are gonna pick a job be good at it. 

What would it cost you to do a search to see who owns that land?"

She continued, "Are you high trying to steal the Presidents' land. Even if a thieves days are numbered do not make them turn to 27 instead of the usual 40 days." 

The four are Mohammed Muhammud Wako alias Hussein Mohammed, James Owino Opere, Jonah Saluni Tuuko and Samakin Lesingiran.

It is alleged that on January 3 at Windy Ridge Lane in Karen, they jointly violently broke and entered into land belonging to Goodison Trust Corporation Ltd, owned by the first family.

The first accused Mohammed Wako was separately charged with 11 other counts of forgery and conspiracy to defraud.

The defence lawyer urged the court to treat the accused differently owing to the fact that the charge sheet present before the court shows that the first accused is charged with 11 counts while the two are charged with one count of forcible entry.

The court released Wako on Sh1 million cash bail or Sh2 million bond. 

The other three were each granted Sh200,000 cash bail or an alternative bond of Sh 500,000.

On Wednesday last week,  police were granted two days to detain them for further investigations.

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