Comedian Mulamwah, Sonnie and their daughter
Comedian Mulamwah, Sonnie and their daughter

Mulamwah's baby mama Carrol Sonnie has been in the limelight since the two broke up late last year.

The main breakup reason is not known as both of them chose not to tell the public.

What they said is that they had amicably agreed to go separate ways.

Mulamwah has since moved on with another lady identified as Ruth.

In a recent Q and A session, Sonnie was asked how she managed to heal so fast, she said it was God.

She was also asked who owns and runs Keilah's account?

She said it was Mulamwah.

In a previous post, Mulamwah said the reason he has never revealed why they broke up is that it might ruin Sonie's career and future.

"Everyone asks this I choose not to speak, because if I speak, I may destroy her life forever. Affecting the little one too.

Men keep quiet to protect a lot of things. Laying out her linen in the public to clear my name will worsen the worst already. Maybe one day you’ll know what really transpired. But I am not insane to make the decision I made.

Men don’t walk away."

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