Anerlisa Muigai celebrated her 34th birthday this past weekend. Friends and family surprised The Nero Water CEO with a bash that was exquisite, to say the least.

The beautiful Fendi-themed cake accentuated the fact that no expense had been spared for the Keroche Breweries heiress. 

In videos emerging from the function, Anerlisa who looked sublime can be seen feeding a handsome well-dressed chocolate man with a piece of cake as the two looked to be enjoying each other's company.

Check out the video below;

The image that took the 'cake' was that of the well-heeled business-lady seating on the tall, chocolate, and handsome guy as they chilled. 

Anerlisa seating on the mysterious man's lap
Image: Courtesy

Some Kenyans even said that the man looks similar to her ex-hubby, Ben Pol.

Let's not forget that Anerlisa and the Tanzanian singer were married for less than a year before divorcing under very contentious circumstances last year.

Arnelisa Muigai and Ben Pol
Image: Courtesy

I am sure that Anerlisa would soon rather forget that period in their life-so Kenyans bringing up the close resemblance of the man in the video will not be something she is happy about.

But whatever the case, I hope that she can get the happiness and stability she is looking for in a relationship. (That's IF this man is her bae)

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