Huddah Monroe started the new year in a blaze of glory with the socialite going on a rampage making numerous posts on her social media.

This happened after she had finished 2021 with arguably her craziest post of the year.  Al Hudah stated that she would be willing to sell her womb for the 'paltry' sum of $1,000,000 (Ksh 100M). 

”I’m selling my womb. Lol! $1,000,000. To be your baby momma. Child support we shall agree while we f*king to conceive,” Huddah shared on her IG stories.

And which famous personality has taken offense to this statement? Former radio presenter Andrew Kibe, didn't agree with Huddah''s comment and used the same medium of Instagram to give his own point of view;

”Huddah realized that it’s not the pun@ni that has value, it’s the womb… Because there’s no way that pun@ni is worth even more than Ksh 500 bob. But her womb is another story. That’s another story. I’m willing to give maybe five thao.”

The question is this? Can one attach a number value to a woman's womb? Is it even legal? Is it even ethical? I am not sure, to be honest. 

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