Betty Kyallo has been in Watamu for the past week having a great time as she takes a well-deserved vacation.

While from her photos, the former TV anchor looked to be having a ball, the overwhelming suspicion is that she and her latest boyfriend, Nick Neda were no more.

And what caused people to think that? Some of the captions that she had been making on her social media.

This gave me the idea for an article, that article being the indicators that a lady is recently single.

Why ladies alone, you might ask? Because they express themselves much more on social media than most men, making it easier to spot those tell-tale signs.

Men (and ladies...) take notes. This is how you can know if that crush of yours might just be single. 

Caveat-These signs are all based on what the lady does on social media 

1. The lady starts posting thirst traps 

Women who weren't posting thirst traps on their social media start, suddenly start posting them.

Most women in a committed relationship will rarely post thirst traps. Why? They don't need to advertise their 'wares' as they already have already been 'bought'.

Also, most men will frown on the habit of their women posting thirst traps yet they are seriously dating.

2. The lady starts posting cryptic messages online

These messages come in many forms with most of them having motivational themes for the recently single woman.

Some other posts raise eyebrows as the messages make it look like the lady is no longer with the man she flaunted before, for example 'Men are trash'. 

3. The lady starts posting more videos of herself having in clubs and at social functions

These videos are normally of the lady either alone or with her girlfriends. They are meant to show that she has also moved on and she is having a great time. 

4. Deleting of her man's photos from social media

This is pretty self-explanatory. 

5. The lady  starts posting a lot more selfies

Especially selfies where she looks glammed up and ready to 'slay'.

6. She starts going to the gym

Why some ladies do this after they break up is still a mystery to me but the revenge body is a real thing.

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