• "Life is a gift. Each new day is a blessing.Thank you Lord." - Julie Gichuru

Julie Gichuru
Image: Instagram

Media personality Julie Gichuru is today celebrating her 48th birthday. The mother of five says she looks forward to have a beautiful year due to the many loses she and her family went through in 2022.

Taking to her socials to pen a birthday message, the laid-back personality penned;

"Marking another year around the sun with gratitude. 💖Woke up to the most melodious quavering of the water thick-knee (birds), took my breath away.

They always chirp so beautifully but today was stupendous, felt like nature was handing me a gift. What a journey the last year has been — filled with blessings and also heartbreak. So much to be thankful for."

Julie added that she is grateful for great health and for regaining her diminishing vision after undergoing a surgery.

"I had eye surgery and I am recovering well - my vision which was deteriorating fast is so greatly improved I don't need glasses anymore.

My darling Simba also had major surgery and he is doing well too, by the grace of God.

We had the opportunity to care for each other through this - what an honour to serve and help each other - to help heal, support, encourage and strengthen each other.

So very thankful. And, we have experienced such great loss - deeply cherished loved ones have gone ahead of us.

They are resting now. And as they rest, we must live on, knowing we shall be together again. 💔Goodbye 47 - thank you for a year of life.Hello 48. 

Life is a gift. Each new day is a blessing.Thank you Lord ."

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