•"I have discovered myself, I am a changed person and I am happy. God helped me over come everything." - Amira 

Jamal Marlow with wives Amira and Amber Ray
Image: Instagram

Businesswoman Amira has opened up on moving on after her breakup with Jamal Marlow.

The mother of two announced their breakup in 2020 saying she was tired of being disrespected.

Speaking during an interview on KTN, Amira says she is taking a day at a time.

"I realized there were a lot of things going on and I decided not to lose myself in all that. Sometimes I call myself the script flipper.

I have discovered myself, I am a changed person and I am happy. God helped me overcome everything.

Self-love and self-discovery comes first before anything else.

Take care of yourself, your inner spirit.

It has not been easy, I take each day as it comes. Everything is in God's hand."

Asked on whether  she plans on dating again, she responded, "Tuliachia roho kazi yake moja ya kukump damu."

Trouble between Amira and her husband Jamal started after the flamboyant businessman started dating socialite Amber Ray.

The two would constantly flaunt each other on social media turning Amira into a mockery.

Jamal and Amber at some point also broke up but by the look of things they are back together.

Amira says in 2022 she will be focusing on opening an interior design school and promoting her newly opened YouTube Channel.

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