A few weeks ago, socialite Vera Sidika introduced her beautiful baby girl to her many fans and followers online.

Asia, Vera's first child is a very cute kid I must say with very curly hair! So curly that some are saying that Brown Mauzo's wife has been applying hair gel on her baby girl.

This is a sentiment that Vera has had to curtail, revealing to her fans the secrets behind such curly hair.

"Only indicated the hair details because some people think I apply gel on my angel, nope I don't."

And what was Vera's secret for her kid having such curly hair? She said that she wets Asia's hair with water then applies coconut oil before brushing it;

"By the way, this is not gel. I just wet her hair with water and apply some coconut oil and flat brush with an infant hairbrush," she said.

That wasn't the last comment about her daughter's hair. Vera also called out trolls who are saying that her baby would lose the curly hair when she finally cuts Asia's baby hair.

"Y'all better stop with the 'wait till you cut her first hair and see what it looks like.' I'm never cutting her hair, that's on period. Y'all go ahead and cut your baby's hair. Miss me with it!" she said.

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