Huddah Monroe
Image: Instagram

Socialite Alhuda Njoroge alias Huddah Monroe is frothing at the mouth. Why? She isn't happy that many of her family and friends haven't been supporting her businesses. 

Writing on her Instagram page, the wealthy beautypreneur who has been in Dubai at close to two years said that most of her support comes from strangers and not her friends and family.

“Funny thing is the people who even buy my products are not my friends or family. Only 2-3 friends do. It’s strangers who support me. My friends always ask for free things and don’t post them. Don’t feel bad if I cut you off in (20)22,” Huddah posted.

She added that 2022 was only for positive supportive friends. “You open your make-up bag and don’t have Huddah cosmetics you bought from me, not free, I cut you! This year is for supportive, positive friends only. Keep your struggles to yourself."

This isn't the first post Huddah has made that has touched on her finances this year. Just a few days ago, the former Big Brother contestant said that she regretted buying her posh villa from a wealthy white woman.

She admitted that she had bought the home for clout and not as a sound financial move unlike the white woman and her hubby who had moved to a smaller 2-bedroom house afterward.

She said that the main take-away was to spend like the rich normally do.

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