'Don't ask me about Sailors,' angry Miracle Baby warns

• He termed it as a 'stupid question' because many people know what happened to the group. 

Miracle Baby
Miracle Baby
Image: Courtesy

Miracle Baby, a member of the Sailors gang has warned netizens against asking him about the music group. 

In a social media rant, Miracle Baby said people have been asking him about the group, and why they are not releasing new songs. 

This, he termed as a 'stupid question' because many people know what happened to the group. 

"Na hii swali ya ufala msee asiwai niuliza tena... World mzima ilikua na ikaona tukinyanganywa vitu zetu zotee including: Account zetu, Doo zetu , Deals za mamilioni zikapingwa na mnajua nani aliduu ivo... But ikanyamaziwa!!!" Miracle Baby wrote. 

Miracle Baby said that the questions should be directed to whoever caused the downfall of the group. 

"Sioni tukisaidiana na maswali za ufala nkt!!! That's why naduu chenye itaniletea food kwa meza so uki feel kuuliza swali please nakubeg uezi kosa nyanya amebaki uhai umuulize," he said. 

Before their disappearance from the showbiz scene, the Sailors gang had a public spat with radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel, who was their manager. 

They accused her of blocking their deals and taking their money. Mwalimu Rachel denied all the allegations and detailed how she helped them build their brand using her own resources.

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