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Gospel star Dr Mbuvi has called out Diana B, Willy Paul and Bahati over their ongoing public spat.

Speaking to Chris Baraka, he said, "I will start by telling willy paul, your gift is so huge, you sing so well your artistry is out of this world. Do you know that your artistry is big enough to propel you to higher heights?"

On Bahati, he said, "His strategies and his ways are very good. A strategy will work if it is very good. It doesn't have to be corrupted or it doesn't have to be weird, just have a good strategy.

I will give another example of a good strategist, Daddy Owen. He has had struggles and just the other day he came back. He is a strategist and he did not use anything corrupt and he is back. He filled a stadium in Eldoret, he is back and atasumbua."

He continued, "You have to use the strategies cleanly, you cannot blame some of it because maybe the people they were looking up to before that were using such strategies."

On Diana B launching her music career dressed in a tiny booty short and revealing top, Mbuvi advised,

"Diana has such a huge influence and I think young mothers were really looking up to her and they are still looking up to her. She would have still done her music without necessarily wearing what she was wearing she would have still have come out better."

He noted,

"To each their own but let them know choices have consequences. Maybe you can handle it, what about the fans who are looking up to you? How about the 16-year-old who is still living at their mother's house who is watching you and dresses like that tomorrow.

So it is important to look at the whole entire picture and see that you are already successful without using the gimmicks. 

10 years from now, will you be proud of that gimmick? will you be proud of those lyrics you sang, sijui kijiko kwa sufuria? We should think about the long term because we are here for a long time. It may affect the generations but it may also affect your own generation."

Mbuvi has a new single out called Nakupenda, watch it below.

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