We couldn't afford my mom's coffin-Mc Jessy sadly admits

This weekend, Jasper Muthomi aka MC Jessy, had an engaging interview with the man who gave him his big break, Churchill Ndambuki.

The two who have become greats in the comedy industry had a riveting back and forth in what felt more like a conversation than an interview.

Jessy who wants to get into politics in 2022, spoke about the crazy struggles he had gone through in his rags to riches story.

The hilarious host of Churchill Show said that they were so poor they had no money to pay for a coffin when his mother passed.

Jessy told Churchill that his mom who used to sell firewood had suddenly fallen ill and died when he was 12-years-old.

He said that he came back from school, only to get a deep foreboding that all was not right.

“I was in class eight at St Joseph's Primary School, and during KCPE rehearsals, I left my mother at home sick with malaria. Nobody told me she had died, I just felt it."

His family would later bury Jessy's mother after he had finished his exams. Problem was that they were so poor they couldn't afford a coffin.

"It was the most devastating time of my life. We could not afford her coffin. After the burial people left and I was left with my grandmother and grandpa," he said.

Jessy recalled that his mom's death had changed the way he viewed society, explaining that it didn't care about orphans.

"I came to discover that no one cares about orphans. For instance, when other people were planning Christmas for their kids, nobody thought about me," he said.

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