CAS David Osiany treats a woman to a vacation in Mombasa

• Osiany said that he has sponsored the lady to go for the vacation with one other person of her choice. 

CAS David Osiany
CAS David Osiany
Image: Instagram

Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Industrialisation, David Osiany has shared his Christmas joy with an anonymous woman online. 

Osiany came across a plea by the woman on social media, as she confessed that she has never been to Mombasa and would love to. 

"I have never been to Mombasa, I don't know even the direction to head there, somebody to volunteer to take me to Mombassa this festive season and God will bless him/her," the lady named Kassy Mwengi wrote. 

To her surprise, David Osiany saw the comment and took up the challenge. 

"Send your number to my inbox, I am taking you to Mombasa for a 4 days holiday. Blessings," Osiany responded. 

In a subsequent post, Osiany said that he has sponsored Kassy to go for the vacation with one other person of her choice. 

"Wishing Kessy Mwengi and her loved one a fabulous stay at the coastal beaches on their first trip ever. Hoping their 4 days, 3 nights trip will be a blessing to them as they vukisha mwaka in the city of Mombasa," he wrote. 

But Osiany's generousity did not stop there as he promised to award 10 of his top fans on facebook. 

"The first 10 people with the ‘Top Fan’ badge to comment will have a small gift (not a trip and definitely not of the same magnitude), because I think it’s the only way I can express gratitude for their support on these streets. And thanks to you all as well. May we all be a blessing to someone in whichever small way this festive season. God bless you all."

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