Kambua does not regret losing her hair after giving birth

Gospel singer Kambua has shared a throwback photo showing off her hair before she gave birth to her two children.

The 'Usiku Na Mchana' singer said that she suffered Postpartum Alopecia after giving birth adding that she has no regrets.

"My hair before babies. I had no idea what postpartum alopecia was. No regrets though, I wouldn't trade the 'inconveniences' for anything." 

Postpartum Alopecia is a condition that causes hair loss which occurs after childbirth because of the sudden change of hormones in a woman's body. 

In July this year, Kambua got women to share the worst thing that pregnancy had done to their physical body and how have they dealt with it.

"Remember I told you how I suffered from postpartum alopecia with my previous pregnancy? It happened again! Maybe a little worse this time, my guess is hormones compounded by grief are a bad combo. So I'm on my supplements, and using oils to stimulate my hair follicles...huku ni mapambano tu! How 'bout you?"


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