Sauti Sol's Savara
Sauti Sol's Savara

Sauti Sol's Savara Mudigi was on Kiss FM's morning show with Jalango and Kamene Goro where he spoke about the band's successful SOl Fest over the long Jamahuri weekend.

He said the huge turnout was a vindication on their part that proves that Kenyans love their own.

"To the fans and general community we are thankful and that was a statement it is time to take responsibility for our own self and that was proof that we international-local (stars) can fill a stadium. For us, we are contributing greatly to the entertainment economy," Savara bragged.

Savara performing 'Balance' off his upcoming album SAVAGE LEVEL LYRICS Intro Yeah balance Yeah balance No no no no ...

The Balance hitmaker added, "It is to a must for an artiste to come from abroad for fans to swamp a venue, it is about time we did it for ourselves created the opportunities such that if Khaligraphe - or any big Kenyan act - wants to host a show in an arena or stadium, they can do it and fans will show up."

Savara went ahead to advise his young fans that life is about balance.

"If you see Jalas is driving a Range and you feel pressured to match that, you need to know that Jalango understood what it takes to get to where he is now. If you earn say 200k give your parents 20K, save half of what is left then invest the rest in yourself. The important issue is to balance this and to know yourself."

He continued, "This Tiktok and Instagram generation sees people in mansions and they don't see the work put in to get there and the hours and years of work to achieve that, they want to get all that and thus end up with anxiety and depression."

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