Risper Faith has a bone to pick with some of her celebrity friends. The mother of one is unhappy that some of them refused to celebrate her birthday on social media.

She revealed this information on her Instagram page where she wrote, 

"None of my celebrity friends has wished me a happy birthday and the way I always post and promote them. My real people are my fans my DM is full of all of you wishing me a happy birthday. I love y'all and I wish I could share my cake with each one of you...

Fake friends, fake celebrity friends. Real friends are your fans and inner circle. Please don't post me after my post. I don't want fakeness in my 30s."

Is it possible that Risper is suffering a backlash after she exposed fellow celeb friend, Tanasha Donna?

Let's not forget that Risper embarrassed Tanasha for allegedly failing to honour a prior agreement the two had had.

Whatever the case, do you agree with Risper's rant? Should you be upset if someone doesn't celebrate your birthday when you have celebrated theirs?

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