Maina Kageni explains why he rarely uses his salary

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

Maina Kageni has warned his co-host Mwalimu King'angi against sending fare to women.

The celebrated radio host says those are some of the things that make Mwalimu lag behind.

"I do not pay for petrol, I do not pay when I go to restaurants, I was in Mombasa over the weekend and I did not pay anything.

We shinda hapa ukitumia watu fare ya 200."

Mwalimu couldn't believe that even with a salary of over 1 million Maina still gets to walk into restaurants without paying.

"Unapeleka pesa wapi? You do not pay rent you do not fuliza?' Questioned Mwalimu.

The duo was reacting to a proposal by the Salaries and Remuneration Commissions which is championing for an increase in MP's salary.

Maina says what the President is paid, is for him to use for his personal use as all his expenses are catered for.

"He does not buy anything, he is the President. He does not even pay for his fuel, he does not buy food.

If he came to your hotel wewe unaweza mlipisha?

That is just his salary. The President does not pay for anything.

My biggest question is, all the money they give in Harambees where does it come from with this salary? How do they give money after every three days and they do not go broke."

In the new proposed changes, the salaries of Members of Parliament and Senators will rise from Ksh 621,250 gazetted in July 2017 to Ksh 710,000.

Here are the rest of the proposed salaries of other politicians :- 

The President- 1.4 M

The Deputy President- 1.2 M

Senate speaker - 1.1

Governors - 924K

MPs - 710K

Do you think the politicians especially the MP's deserve a salary raise?

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