Milly WaJesus comes clean on the thing she does that upsets Kabi

Milly WaJesus and Kabi WaJesus look like the 'perfect' couple. The pair never seem to be in each other's crosshairs as they never argue or have arguments that normal couples normally have.

But Milly decided to tear down that perfect visage recently with a confession about something she does that Kabi doesn't much like.

The mother of one said that her content creator hubby isn't a fan of her using his toothbrush, albeit mistakenly.

She revealed this during a video on Instagram when her hubby asked her about her toothbrush colour. She in turn was unperturbed by his question telling him that he was colour-blind.

"Kabi gets annoyed when I mistakenly use his toothbrush but personally I am not bothered," she boldly said.

Me, personally, I would also be upset if someone (even my significant other) used my toothbrush yet they had their own to use.

But that's just me. What do you think?

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